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    Yes, there’s going to be books in other languages but I’m afraid not many 🙁 There will also be books (sometimes with cassettes) to learn other languages, but again only a few.
    Worth having a look anyway.

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    UPDATE ON [b:94a44c0181]STRICTLY CULTURAL DANCING[/b:94a44c0181][/size:94a44c0181]

    PERFORMANCES[/color:94a44c0181] (Exhibition Space 1st Floor)
    No booking necessary. This is a Free event.

    11:15 – 12:00 Asian Dance
    12:00 – 12:30 Contemporary Dance
    12:30 – 13:00 Lindy Hop Dance

    13:00 – 13:30 LUNCH (free)

    13:30 – 14:00 Irish Dance
    14:00 – 14:30 Polish Dance
    14:30 – 15:00 Jewish Dance

    ASIAN TEXTILE WORKSHOPS[/color:94a44c0181] (Art Space – Art Gallery)

    There will be 3 workshops lasting 1 hour each as follows:
    11:15 – 12:15
    13:00 – 14:00
    14:00 – 15:00
    Maximum of 20 people per workshop. Booking is necessary but the workshops are free. Please ring: 0113 2476016

    Come and have fun. 😉

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    LAST MINUTE UPDATE ON EUROPE DAY[/size:87a2d98e55]

    There has been a couple of changes regarding what will happen tomorrow (o rather in a few hours) at Central Library to celebrate Europe Day.

    ~ The food sampling has been cancelled. [b:87a2d98e55]:([/b:87a2d98e55]
    ~ There will be a small prize for those answering the quiz correctly (only 6 questions!)
    ~ We’ve received more freebies to give away, so to add to what I mentioned before we have free pens, fridge magnets, Europe Direct Post-Its, booklets on European issues/info, mobile phone cords (to hang around your neck) and books with basic words/sentences in all EU languages.

    Hope to see you there. 🙂

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    STRICTLY CULTURAL DANCING[/color:04a49522c4][/size:04a49522c4]

    Saturday 17th May
    11 am until 3pm
    Leeds Central Library

    Here there’s a link to a poster[/color:04a49522c4] advertising the event. You’ll need .pdf file reader to see it.

    This event is part of the Adult Learners Week (17th till 23rd May) and it’s free; you don’t need to book to see the performances but you’ll have to book to attend the workshops.

    Quote from Leeds website:
    "Strictly Cultural Dancing is a free event sponsored by Europe Direct Leeds and National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) to celebrate cultural diversity and understanding through dance. Aimed at adults, the event will inspire people to learn more about the culture and social role of dance across the world and to learn dance skills. A light lunch will be on offer to attendees.

    It is part of Europe Direct Leeds’ celebration of the European Year of Cultural Dialogue and the Adult Learners’ Week programme. For further information please email europedirect[at]

    The programme features demonstrations by dancers from Ireland, Poland, Greece, together with Jewish and Asian dance. Dance and textile workshops can be booked as part of the programme on 0113 247 6016."

    Don’t miss out; it’ll be fun. 🙂

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    [b:6f342e85af]Friday 9th May: EUROPE DAY[/color:6f342e85af][/b:6f342e85af]

    To celebrate Europe Day there will be different events in Leeds Libraries and in [u:6f342e85af]Central Library[/u:6f342e85af], we’ll have:

    ~ Staff [b:6f342e85af]dressing up[/b:6f342e85af] as European Countries (visitors are welcome to dress up as well)

    ~ [b:6f342e85af]Freebies[/b:6f342e85af]. Notepads; stickers; Bookmarks; Maps; Posters etc

    ~ Some traditional food to sample

    ~ a [b:6f342e85af]Quiz[/b:6f342e85af] on Europe

    ~ [b:6f342e85af]Lots of books[/b:6f342e85af] with information on Europe issues; country facts; travel guides, etc.

    Remember that on the 2nd floor (in the Information Centre) you can find the Europe Direct Centre, where staff will help you to find answers to any questions related to Europe (law, culture, business, politics, economy, etc)
    Here’s a link for more info[/color:6f342e85af]

    Remember that we’re open 9am till 5pm on fridays.
    Central Library is on the Headrow (LS1 3AB) across the road from the Town hall and next door to the Art Gallery.
    See you there 🙂

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    The Polish courses at Leeds Met uni started last October 2007 and they’ll finish next May 2008.

    There’s a Beginner’s course on Wednesdays at 6:30pm (2 hours)
    an Elementary course on Thursdays at 6:15pm (1.5 hours)
    and an Advanced course on Thursdays at 8pm (1 hour).

    The teacher is the same for all 3 courses; she’s called Ewa Pyrah.
    Each course costs £130.
    You’ll have to wait till next September to enrol in the 08/09 year because you can’t joined the ongoing ones.

    Here’s a link to Joseph Priestley College[/color:9cda5e8262] in Woodlesford (LS268EX).

    And another link to Bradford College[/color:9cda5e8262]. Go to page 31 for Polish.

    These courses have also started, so I much doubt you’ll be able to join them up. Best thing to do is to phone the colleges and enquire.

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    On [b:44a5a1c8a8]Friday 12th October[/b:44a5a1c8a8] it takes place in Leeds the 3rd edition of the annual Light Night.

    During the evening and most of the night there will be activities, events, workshops, exhibitions, games, trails all around the city centre and nearby areas, and for free. All very artsy and crazy but a real fun at the same time.

    Here’s a [u:44a5a1c8a8]link[/u:44a5a1c8a8] to the website where you’ll find more information, photos, previous years’ Light Nights, what’s going to be on and where, and a suggested route to follow or hop on and off.

    We have leaflets in the library (Central Library – ground floor) and maps with the trails. And I’ll paste here a link with a .pdf of the map, in case you can’t pick a copy up.

    The ideal way is to form a group of people and go and visit the different locations together; it’s more fun. 😀

    Last year I couldn’t go to the Illuminati[/color:44a5a1c8a8] performance but I’m not going to miss it this year, since I think it’s gonna be amazing. Performed by the Red Crow team and taking place in the Royal Armouries at 8pm (you’ll need to book tickets – £5).

    If anyone wants to join me, get in contact with me. 😉

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    Click on the link and wait for the screen in the middle to load up.
    There’s 20 sec of publicity and then a live interview with ITV Calendar (from 0:58 to 3:01)

    PS: the news may change tomorrow Wednesday when they get updated.

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    This is a really good chance to buy books at cheap prices.

    [b:c3111cd704]Grand Booksale @ Central Library[/b:c3111cd704]

    For the first time in years the booksale will take place on 2 consecutive days: [b:c3111cd704]5th and 6th October[/b:c3111cd704] in the Exhibition Space on the 1st floor of the Central Library.

    Wanting to get rid of most of the stock that hasn’t been borrowed enough or having too many copies of, the booksale will last 2 days to allow more people to buy more books. There will also be CDs on sale, as well as Adult Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s books and language courses. Prices from 25p a book!! Don’t miss out.

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    Tak! prosze. 😀

    Chciałabym pójść.

    Bamburgh jest miłą niewielką miejscowością z bardzo długą plażą piaszczystą. Zobaczyłam zamek ale nie wszedłam. Ale Bamburgh nie jest bardzo blisko.

    do zobaczonka

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    RHYTHM is the word with the highest ratio of consonants per vowel. And even so, Y can also be considered as a consonant.

    INDIVISIBILITY is the word with the biggest amount of Is (if you count Y as I, it’d be even bigger)

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    wiecie miejsca gdzie możemy grać wewnątrz? w razie deszczu

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    Gramy w szachy w sobotę?

    Malgon i Fatamorgana są w Polsce, więc nie mogą grać.

    Zagram jeśli co najmniej jesteśmy 3 ludźmi.

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    I guess people are still traditional when it comes to choose books to read (nobody seems to have used the abovementioned website).

    Well, not a problem. I welcome you to post here your personal book recommendations.
    Please write title and author, perhaps a little summary of the plot, and why you liked the book.

    Here’s my first contribution:

    [b:730751b5f6][i:730751b5f6]Intimacy[/color:730751b5f6][/i:730751b5f6][/b:730751b5f6] by [b:730751b5f6]Hanif Kureishi[/color:730751b5f6][/b:730751b5f6]

    A married man father to 2 sons plans to leave his wife after 7 years of marriage without saying anything to her. They’ve got a good life but he doesn’t love his wife – and she doesn’t love him. He isn’t 100% sure about what he’s about to do and wishes deep inside that a last minute "action" from his wife will bring back the intimacy he lost.[/color:730751b5f6]

    When reading this book you’re most likely to take parts in the story either with him or against. I was in favour. How moral and ethical, how cruel and careless, how selfish or brave is him? There for you to decide.

    I found this book quite uplifting and motivating; not because I’m planning to leave anybody (well, I don’t any family to leave), but because it encourages people to take the decision (hard decision indeed) to choose your own truthful happiness instead of a fake self-imposed facade covering the real unhappy family life.

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