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    The General Medical Council is helpless to prevent hundreds of GP hopefuls a year registering here.One would-be doctor told in broken English: "I need to earn money to feed my tummy."Rashid Hussein, 40, has medical qualifications from his native Pakistan but has not worked as a doctor here.Yet under EU rules, he does not have to take English tests because he has moved in with his brother in Basingstoke, Hants, and has been working in another EU country, Spain, for more than three months.
    He did not understand many of the questions put to him but said: "I do not think I have done anything wrong. I have nothing without a job."
    GMC rules require foreign applicants to sit a tough language test to prove they can speak English and understand patients with complex or serious illnesses.They also have to face the Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board. But the "Brussels loophole" allows any doctor who has worked or lives in the EU to sidestep the tests.
    The GMC is powerless to stop such applicants working here. It has even had some turning up with a TRANSLATOR to register.
    But officials can’t exclude them because testing their language skills is deemed discriminatory.EU-stated laws insist medical professionals should be able to work wherever they choose.A medical source said the loophole is being used by hundreds of foreign applicants a year.Mr Rashid has applied to be fully registered as a UK doctor.He has worked as a clinical support worker and phlebotomist — withdrawing blood from patients — in Glasgow but has no formal qualification or training here.
    We made small talk by discussing a pile of dirty nappies left awaiting the bin in Mr Hussein’s brother’s back garden.But he did not understand and replied: "You are welcome sir."Asked when he expects to hear about his application, he did not understand.In broken English, he said: "I’m from a poor family. It is an obligation to look after my family.
    "If people come in England they have test. It is quite hard. I will become doctor one day, even if I am old nearly dying. If you have a skill and believe in God one day everyone will see your skill. That’s why I believe in Allah."A relative later called to ask what our chat was about because Mr Hussein had not fully understood our questions.Niall Dickson, the GMC chief executive, said: "We remain concerned that we have to register some doctors who cannot speak English well enough."That is why we are working with the Government to change the law."

    😆 😯


    skad to? z The Sun czy z Daily Star?

    cheeky girl

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    alyna666 wrote:

    skad to? z The Sun czy z Daily Star?

    The Sun rules! 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Oczywiscie the sun a niby kto inny moze takie perelki druko
    wac:-P 😀


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Wyświetlanych postów: 5 (wszystkich: 1)
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