Strona główna Działy Finanse Benefity, czyli get some extra cash

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    john wrote:

    I am an english man. I found this site purely by chance.

    This post particulaly made me angry! you people come over here "looking for work" which is fine however when you try to get more money out of our goverment as this post suggests, it makes me and my hardworking associates very angry – The benefit scheme is for UK CITIZENS!! HARD WORKING UK CITIZENS – it is NOT for you NAZI’s to pay for your BMW’s that you probably arent even isured to drive!

    This post disgusts me and it’s things like this that give foreigners a bad name – you are nothing but leeches, feeding off the lifeblood of this glorious country!

    You people are coming overe here squeezed into busses, crossing the channel like rats in a sewer. Infecting our country with your Eastern ways – we have enough foreigners in this country, please all go home! STEALING all our jobs so we cant work and feed our families.

    Ktory Anglik pisze tak czysta angielszczyzna? Az niewiarygodna? BZDURA jak to mowili w jednym z kabaretow… BZDURA!!!

    Nie wdawajcie sie w dryskusje bo nie warto. nie ma z kim.

Wyświetlanych postów: 1 (wszystkich: 31)
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